As a Kiva Zip Trustee  we VET small businesses to use Kiva Zip’s 0% interest financing loan platform. After initial consultations we publicly endorse promising entrepreneurs enabling them to CONNECT with lenders in Kiva’s direct crowdfunded loan program.

Our reputation is on the line, so we don’t do this lightly. If you are an interested entrepreneur, we seek to understand your business and you both as an individual and as an entrepreneur. And, in accordance with Kiva Zip’s policy, you will be asked to do some of the work yourself. Before being publicly listed and able to attract outside funding, you will first need to find a group of lenders among your own network, people willing to extend a small amount of funds to your venture because they know you and your character.

Our relationship doesn’t end with your listing. By being a part of Kiva Zip as a borrower you will have expanded financial access with our attention and ADVISORY support along the way.

How is this initiative different from a traditional lender? We focus on character, relationships, and networks as opposed to financial history, credit rating or collateral as your sole determinant of eligibility. While your initial loan request may not be approved by Kiva Zip, you are not simply denied. Rather HMFC and Kiva Zip will work with you to prove your business acumen and ability to pay with a smaller loan that can generate the cash needed to pay it back.

We have the resources to help you become a part of the 96% of Kiva loans that are funded!

How does it work?

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