Presenting at the Lend For America Summit!

Early this November, our very own Executive Directors spoke at the Lend for America Summit in Washington DC! Here is what Ian McGroarty ’17 had to say:

Speaking at Lend for America was one the greatest experiences of my college life. Presenting the Mapping Microfinance Project, enabled me to engage with a passionate community, discussing the project I am so enthasiastic about.

Late may of last semester, my summer plans to go abroad fell through and I was desperate for work. Like an angel, Professor Shannon Mudd came to me with a project and I was of course eager to help. The goal was to create a usable map of business development resources that would allow small business owners to find the services they need. The summer months were difficult, but I had so much fun and by August, we had created something to be very proud of. I soon recognized the potential for out map to help not only business owners in the Philadelphia area but business owners throughout the country. After a phone call with Raheem Parpia, the Director of LFA, I secured the opportunity to present this project to Microfinance clubs from Claremont, CA to Lexington, VA.

My presentation went very smoothly with a few minor hiccups. Many students and professionals had questions and seemed very excited about the project. The remainder of the conference was a blur, a mix of excitement, exhaustion, work and play. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

You can learn more about the Mapping Microfinance Project by visiting the Project site
Learn more about Lend For America by visiting their site



Ian McGroarty'17 Presenting the Mapping MIcrofinance Project at the LFA Summit.

Ian McGroarty’17 Presenting the Mapping MIcrofinance Project at the LFA Summit.

Lend for Philly Competition

Carter Road Capital is currently involved in the Lend for Philly competition. This is a Philadelphia-wide initiative to map the finance needs of small businesses in Philadelphia. Lend for Philly currently includes 9 local colleges and universities, including Haverford, Villanova, Drexel, Temple, and UPenn. The Lend for Philly competition will be remapping much of the city that Carter Road Capital previously surveyed, but is one of the first competitions of its kind locally.

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The winning school will receive up to $20,000 for their campus MFI (Microfinance Institution). Currently, Carter Road Capital (from Haverford) ranks second behind UPenn.

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The competition will ultimately benefit Philadelphia small businesses greatly, by providing much-needed data on finance needs in Philadelphia. Lend for Philly is put on by Lend for America, a national  network for College MFIs. The competition is the newest development in the growing focus on access to finance in Philadelphia, and will provide an interesting platform for colleges to compete with one another, all while benefiting Philadelphia’s businesses.