LFA Conference - Siyan

LFA Conference: Client Communication

Client communication is a big issue in loan application. In the meeting, speakers mentioned several points that we need to pay attention to particularly during our talk with the client.

The first one is that we need to build the trust with our client. This is the first step and a very important step to start a long-lasting and effective relationship with our client. Hence, we need to show our passion, patience, honesty and care at the very beginning of the contact with our client. Certainly, to keep trust also requires us to keep contact with the client. It is not a good choice just to contact the client once. The better choice is to keep contact with the client and talk with him or her like a professional friend.

The second one is to pay attention to details. That requires us to know our client as detailed as we can. For example, in the case they gave us to practice, we know how much the client goes to church, how many kids she has, her consuming habits, etc. In other words, we know almost everything related to her life. Then, we can provide as much useful information as we can. However, we need to keep in mind that all details are received based on the trust with the client.

In order to keep this trust, we need to keep in mind out relationship with the client. In other words, we need to know what we should say in different steps. If you two just know each other, it is impolite and inappropriate to ask some too secret questions. Hence, every time we talk with our client, we need to ask us, how deep our relationship is? Then, you can pick up appropriate questions to ask.

Another thing we need to keep in mind is that we can talk about one question multi-dimensionally. That means we can use both logical analysis and emotional persuasion at the same time. When you find that you cannot persuade your client in this way, except for listening to what he or she says carefully, you should try to communicate with him or her in another way to express your idea thoroughly.

The last point is to keep flexible. Change the way you talk according to the process of the talk with your client. It is ineffective and inefficient to read the outline you have written already. We should learn how to modify our talk with the client appropriately and immediately to increase the efficiency of our talk.

- Siyan Wang ’17